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On September 10th 2004, disaster struck the small community of Hopedale. Early in the morning, at approximately 3:00 am, our school, Amos Comenius, was consumed with flames.

The local fire department and members of the community, including the school principal, worked throughout the morning in order to gain control of the flames, and to save as much of the school as possible.





The damage was extensive, and an entire section of the school was destroyed. Our Gym, Kitchen, Industrial Arts room, Administration area, and several classrooms were damaged and rendered unusable.






As a result of the extensive damage caused by the fire, students were forced to attend school in alternate locations. These locations include the local Safe House, the LIHC, and the Rock Plant on the outskirts of town.

In November we were able to finally return to our school, although much of the damage will not be repaired until next year. Due to this, several classrooms have been forced to double up in order to maintain a fully-functional school.

It was difficult after the fire, first teaching in alternate locations, then in a partial school. Without a gym, administration area, staffroom, kitchen, industrial arts room, and having to double up classes, each teacher and student has had to struggle with the challenges that they have faced every day.

The community, students, and staff faced many trials that year as they strove to return things to "normal". With with our combined strength we will manage to rise above.