Amos Comenius Photo Gallery

These pictures were taken during the 2006-2007 school year.

Congratulations Graduates of 2007!

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Boil-Up 2007

The whole school goes off for a Boil-Up on Friday afternoon


Using a clinometer to measure height

Math 2204

Mr. Montague's Math 2204 class use a clinometer to measure height



Inuk 1102 - 2102 Class

"We went sliding as a reward for completing their projects.

Good job Students!"

-Ms. Doris

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Here and Now


Here and Now

Students from Ms. Fitzpatrick's and Ms. Hellings' classes took pictures of Hopedale on Feb. 14, 2007 in hopes that they would be shown on Here and Now that evening.



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Theatre Arts 2200

These crazy thesbians get caught doing more than just hanging around.

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Spirit Days

Spirit Day Fridays

We let our true colours come through for school spirit.

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