Community Photos

Above: The view of the villiage, including the beautiful Amaguk Inn, from our school.

A beautiful picture of the harbour, the American Dock and local fishing boats.
Another area of the community separate from the village.
The main road in the town leading to the village.
The sub-division
Hopedale at sunset, after the first snowfall of 1999
Another view of the sub-division; this time at night in late fall, and from the old army base.
Hopedale's harbour at sunset; View from DJs Convenience.
View coming into the bay on the Northern Ranger in late August.
This picture was taken behind the Moravian Church.
This is another picture taken behind the Moravian Church. You can see the school in the middle, and other houses in the villiage in the foreground.
A view down one of the streets in the sub-division.
A view of the hills behind Hopedale after the ice finished freezing up. We haven't had much snow yet in this picture. The sun was setting and it was around 6:00 pm.
This picture was taken around 8:00 am. Check out that beautiful sunrise.
View of the community from one of the nearby hills, Feb. 14, 2007.