School Supplies 2015-2016

Primary (K-3) Elementary (4-6) Jr./Sr. High School (7-12)
Pencils 8 Pencils 2 pkg Pencils
Eraser Scissors Erasers
30 cm Ruler 2 Erasers Pens
Scissors Pencil Crayons Whiteout
Glue Stick 30 cm Ruler

Pencil Sharpener

Crayons/leads 2 Glue Sticks Indoor Shoes
3 pks Exercise books 1 pk Loose leaf Book Bag
Book bag Calculator Drinking cup/water bottle
Pencil case Geometry set Scientific Calculator (must have sin, cos, tan buttons on it)
Drinking cup 4 pks Exercise Books Geometry set
Sneakers 1 pk Graph paper Loose leaf
Ear buds or Headphones Book bag Graph paper
  Sneakers Exercise Books (5-6 per course)
  Drinking cup *Binders
  Ear buds or Headphones Headphones or Ear Buds

*Students taking Career Development 2201 are required to purchase a large binder that will be used for their course content portfolio. This is the primary means of assessment for the course.

This list of materials is what your son/daughter will need for the upcoming school year. It would be greatly appreciated if your son/daughter would come to school in September prepared for their courses. We would also ask that you please remind your son/daughter that they are required to have indoor shoes (non marking). It is not safe for students to be going around in sock feet and they are not permitted to wear outdoor footwear inside.

If you have any questions, regarding the supply list, feel free to contact the school.
We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer!